My 24 hours in Hamburg

Guten Tag! Today I’d like to share with you a couple of impressions about my 24 hours in Hamburg. ItHamburg, Hamburg by night wasn’t an actual “trip”: my girlfriend was coming to Leipzig and she found out that landing in Hamburg would have been far more cheaper, train included. So we decided to meet there, have a look at the city and then go back to Leipzig on the next day.

Although it was raining, we really enjoyed Hamburg. It is one of those cities referred to as “The Venice of the North” and it actually gave me that kind of impression, like an enormous, urban jungle on the water.

We started visiting the city at night and the first thing we actually saw was the Speicherstadt, a warehouse complex (actually the biggest one in the world!) which became a Wolrd Heritage Site in 2015. It was really fascinating staring at that ocean made of bricks floating on the river. Moreover, that labyrinth of canals and bridges gave me the feeling of time travelling back to the year 1888.

On the morning we saw the Innenstadt and the beautiful Jungfernstieg (à propos, if you like books at the Jungfernstief Ubahn station there is a second hand bookshop where you can buy classics for 50 cents!)

We wanted to visit the Kunsthalle but the main exhibition was closed for renovation (until April 2016). We eventually ended up doing one of those bus-city tours: I know, it may be and sound the most “touristy” thing to do in a new city, but it kept raining and we wanted to see the rest of the city without cathing a cold. So we got on it and behind the bus window the unexplored part of the city opened to us.

I am definitely going back to Hamburg: I want to stroll along the water’s edge and hear the thousand unheard stories which took place there, see the protagonist of Kafka’s Amerika get on the ship to New York, have a seat and stare at the river (and yes, I admit it, I am also going to have a look at this)

Travel details
Soundtrack: Isolation Berlin, Körper-EP
Book: Hitching Rides with Buddha, Will Ferguson



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