Plzeň, Czech Republic

I wanna start the week by showing a couple of pictures of a lovely city of the Czech Republic: Plzeň.

It’s an university town, not very far from Prag, famous for its Pilsner Urquell. I went in October 2014 in order to participate to my first Trans Europe Halles meeting (followed by Budapest and Vienna). The hosting cultural centre was the Johan Centrum, which didn’t have its official “venue” then. It looked like this:

During the following meetings they showed their restructuring works, they really did a nice job!

Plzeň is very small, you can visit it in an hour and it’s really fascinating by night:


We also visited the Pilsner Urquell brewery, where we watched a theatrical performance named Antiwords by the Spitfire Company.

It is inspired by the works of the czech writer Václav Havel: two figures, a persecuted politician and a brewer, meet on the stage and start drinking beer and shouting in Czech (English subtitles were projected behind them). Behind the big masks there are two girls, two professional ballerinas who reached such an incredible success through this show. I was really ashamed: I could never drink the incredible quantity of beer they drank during the show (about twenty bottle per ballerina or so). After the show we went ask them if it was a trick but no, from their happy and fuzzy answer we understood that yes, the beer was real. They said that like eeverything else you just have to practice. Cool.

Plzeň, Antiwords

Before going back to Leipzig (just three hours by car) we went to visit the Plasy baroque monastery. Nice, especially for Santini’s baroque staircase.

Travel Details:
Book: The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas
Soundtrack: Blues Pills, Blues Pills



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