Plzeň, Czech Republic

I wanna start the week by showing a couple of pictures of a lovely city of the Czech Republic: Plzeň.

It’s an university town, not very far from Prag, famous for its Pilsner Urquell. I went in October 2014 in order to participate to my first Trans Europe Halles meeting (followed by Budapest and Vienna). The hosting cultural centre was the Johan Centrum, which didn’t have its official “venue” then. It looked like this:

During the following meetings they showed their restructuring works, they really did a nice job! Continua a leggere “Plzeň, Czech Republic”

My thoughts about Berlin

Hello! Today I’d like to share some thoughts about the city to be: Berlin. The pictures you will see were taken during the years so they belong to several visits I spent to the city.

The first time I went to Berlin was three years ago. I was staying in Frankfurt for one month, doing research for my Dissertation. A friend came to visit me and we decided to take a train and see Berlin, the city everybody talks about. Once there, after a very long journey, the first thing which struck me was the U-bahn: this omnipresent yellow train which, like the veins in a body, connects the city in all its vital points. It should be U-Bahn, Untergrundbahn, but I had the impression that the trains are “overground” much of the time, offering scenes like this:

Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin, Bridges, U-bahn

Before going to Berlin, I never paid too much attention or actually cared about subway stations. They’re just a transit point. But when you’re in Berlin, you can get off the train, turn around and distractedly see a scene like this.

U-bahn, Berlin, sun

There are surely other cities in which the subway is more beautiful, better organized and so on. But with Berlin I actually see a special connection between the city and its transport system. Continua a leggere “My thoughts about Berlin”

Hamburg by night, Speicherstadt, Hamburg

My 24 hours in Hamburg

Guten Tag! Today I’d like to share with you a couple of impressions about my 24 hours in Hamburg. ItHamburg, Hamburg by night wasn’t an actual “trip”: my girlfriend was coming to Leipzig and she found out that landing in Hamburg would have been far more cheaper, train included. So we decided to meet there, have a look at the city and then go back to Leipzig on the next day.

Although it was raining, we really enjoyed Hamburg. It is one of those cities referred to as “The Venice of the North” and it actually gave me that kind of impression, like an enormous, urban jungle on the water. Continua a leggere “My 24 hours in Hamburg”



Hello again! Tonight I’d like to share some pictures of a fascinating east-European city named Budapest. The cultural centre in which I work, the Moritzbastei – Leipzig- is member of Trans Europe Halles, a great network which gets to connect several cultural centres from all around Europe in order to exchange ideas, opinions, contacts, take part to seminars and so on. There are two meetings per year, each time in the city of a different host member. The first meeting I took place one year ago was in Plzeň, Czech Republic (I will write a post about it as well, nice city). This time it was Budapest’s turn. Continua a leggere “Budapest”